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Sactown Sports Bar & grill



Sactown Sports Bar & Grill is Sacramento's newest sports bar serving up gourmet bar food with a farm-t0-fork twist. Artist House had the chance to help this brand launch from inception to now and we're proud of the brand they've grown to be in such a short time. Check out the scoop.



Most tend to be pretty similar, but this has to be one of THE COOLEST Sports Bars we have ever experienced.

Putting out awesome elevated “bar food”, on-tap craft cocktails, HD-TVs that can be seen no matter where you sit and an insane amount of sports paraphernalia that covers EVERY INCH of the two-story venue. While photographing this restaurant there were an endless amount of amazing shots due to how awesome the place was decorated, and of course, the dishes they were serving up. Helping Sactown Sports Bar & Grill hone on their brand and assist with promotion/social strategy has been a win in our books.

If you happen to be in Old Sac they are definitely a MUST SEE!

Sactown Sports Bar for the win!



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