Ana Marie Aguas//
Founder  & Creative Director

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Ana Marie Aguas

Ana Marie (also known as Calamari/Mar/Ana) is the founder and Creative Director of Artist House.  She’s a dreamer, creator and self-taught photographer, guitar player and adventurer who is curious about everything. 

A deep thinker who is constantly re-inventing herself, she aims to broaden the lives of those around her with an endless stream of new ideas to explore and experiences to try. Since she can remember, Ana Marie's been truly passionate about the art and craft of storytelling, so naturally while in college, she studied Communications & Philosophy.

On graduation day she was offered a position at the  most highly regarded communications firm in the world, specializing in food, wine & ag PR. In her tenure, her work spanned from managing press conferences at international trade shows, executing celebrity food+nutrition programs, managing influencer campaigns, branding, strategy,  securing national media coverage on, Fitness, Huffington Post, CNN, Forbes, Women's Health, and more, and creating meaningful content for the industry's biggest  food, wine and ag companies.

After getting the travel bug and exploring foreign lands for nearly one year, she returned to Northern California to turn her dream of storytelling  and working intimately with passionate business owners into a reality. Alas, Artist House was born.  To  see the full-story behind Artist House,  check this out.

 When not running her company, she’s armed with her camera in hand, dreaming up her next project, grilling the next Traeger dish, exploring the great outdoors, fishing, flying or traveling with her better half, Dan, and their pups, Cash, Gus and Mac.  


Every idea starts with a problem.  Mine was simple. The biggest thing I noticed immersed in one of the most highly regarded PR agencies in the world was the world-class creativity and talent living in the highly antiquated business model of a large firm operating today with its old philosophy and inefficient infrastructure. I witnessed enormous, excessive waste in the way client budgets were spent. I saw a lack in diversity, ingenuity and new ways of thinking. I saw the biggest gap and disconnect between client and  agency. I watched the industry’s greatest talent miss opportunities to make a real impact due to traditional cultures and vestigial thinking.

I noticed the need and discovered an opportunity. It is with this belief that  I decided not to find a solution but create a solution. Offer an alternative. An alternative that gives businesses flexibility, progressive thinking, creativity and resourcefulness. Taking all trades of the art & craft of communications integrated, coordinated and effectively executed to provide the best value for businesses. Above all,  provide a home for the passionate dreamers, doers and talented communicators to thrive, succeed and do what they do best: create.  And so,  I started Artist House.