The Dynamic Duo

What happens when you combine two Aquarius women with big dreams, fearless ambition and conviction to improve the world? You get a dynamic duo.

A duo not afraid to challenge the status quo and do something we love to help people and businesses continue to do what they love. Yes, we’re unapologetically quirky, a bit revolutionary and occasionally overzealous about new ideas to improve your business, but we call it passion.

And we’re ready to use it to help you reach your goals,  continue to do what you love and give you the tools to keep mastering your artistry. Let’s get started.

The Inspiration

In Ana Marie’s travels, she discovered a hidden gem. A sanctuary for creativity. A place where people lost all track of time  creating, making and doing what they loved. A home where inspiration was found in every corner and all forms of artistry was embraced, from tea-making, painting, music, culinary inventions and all artistic expressions. It was a place she wanted to bring to life in Northern California. A place now called, Artist House Creative.



Passion is your greatest love. It is the thing that will help you create and find the highest expression of your talent. It will grab you and engage you more than anything else. This is the principle Artist House was born on.

It's the principle that you can turn any idea you love into something real. The total belief that when you combine skill and passion with hard work and commitment you can expect a masterpiece. The very reason Artist House exists.

The very reason, in 2016 we said good bye to climbing the corporate ladder and hello to building an authentic creative home to commit to one thing: empowering passionate people to have the courage and commitment to  mastering their craft, honing their artistry and doing what they do best. This is why we created Artist House. 


We believe every person and every brand has a great story to tell. We believe in that story. We believe your business is an expression of your passion – your livelihood. We take that very seriously. It is our mission  to provide you the creative support you need to thrive, succeed and continue to make your dreams a reality. To amplify that story to the audience that matters most to you so it can positively affect what people know, think and ultimately act as it relates to your business - your passion.


We are a hands-on creative company specializing in PR, social media+content marketing, photography, branding, strategic integration and creative services.  Our artistry is focused on visual storytelling through powerful imagery and insightful communications to grow brand identity and business by getting, and holding the attention of your audience .  


The Artistic Difference: when love and skill work together, you can expect a masterpiece.  We love what we do. And unique to other agencies in the market, our drive is altruistic – directed at working with and for you – for your team, your customers and your company. We have a sincere and genuine interest in bringing your story to life in the most impactful way. Why? Because we love to help awesomely passionate business owners. And because you believe in your own craft and story – we believe in you, too. 


  1. Focused, Personal & Insightful. It starts with a hand shake and ends with a  high-five.  We’re not just your “agency of record.” We believe in building a strong, symbiotic partnership. You’re not just our client – you’re our partner.
  2. We get to know the real you. We will visit your location in-person, immerse ourselves in your culture, sit with your executives, wine makers, baristas and the artists who drive your company to get a real understanding of the who, what and why of your business.
  3. Pieces that sell, persuade, inform & motivate. We believe in the insight, the idea, and the storytelling platform to create, package and market ideas that grab and hold your audience’s attention.
  4. Eliminate the waste. We take efficiency at the highest level. Insights on the industry and a sincere interest in helping your business will help us help you eliminate the duplication of costs and marketing efforts.
  5. We help you build an audience. All companies have customers. Some companies have fans. The most successful companies have an audience. Instead of going out to reach people, you want people to come to you. An audience will return often – the most receptive group of customers and potential customers you’ll ever have. When you have an audience you don’t have to buy people’s attention – they will give it to you. We can help you build your audience.