01. The Art of Tofu

In West Oakland, Calif., the Tofu Holy Mecca stands tall under the name of, Hodo Soy.

This inspiring company produces the most delicious handcrafted tofu products pioneering innovative and delicious tofu-based artisan foods derived from organic, non-GMO, US-grown, whole soybeans.

The artist behind the bean revolution is Tofu Master, Minh Tsai, a passionate man with conviction to forever change the way we see and taste tofu.

“Our mission is to craft the highest quality, best-tasting, freshest soy milk, tofu, and yuba possible; then to get our products to our customers right away so that they can be enjoyed at the peak of freshness; all the while working to demystify tofu through direct customer education and transparency of our ingredient sourcing, production methods, and philosophy.”
Tara and Ana Marie, the real Tofunatics!

Tara and Ana Marie, the real Tofunatics!

Thanks to our friends at Produce Express, the Artist House team had a chance to join them and several Sacramento foodies and restaurateurs for a behind-the-scenes tour of this amazing facility to sample their organic artisanal tofu AND meet the man behind the movement.

“Tofu is early in the United States and was only introduced here 50 years ago, but it’s been around in Asia for 3,000 years,” he says.

“Our goal is to use the best ingredients and we’re committed to using the best soy beans. All grown in the U.S. with complete control of quality – sugar, fat and soybean protein. It’s part of our story.”

Since 2004, Minh’s vision has won the hearts and taste buds of thousands of restaurant owners, retailers, wholesalers and consumers across the country. In fact, he reveals to the group the most fascinating part about his tofu is that it is enjoyed in the entire spectrum of restaurants.

“We have literally $500-$800 meal-restaurants using our tofu, but we also have Chipotle using our product. I LOVE that because we have enough ingredients in the entire spectrum of price.”

We love it too, Minh!

It's amazing to think the quality  and integrity of the tofu produced by Hodo Soy spans the gamut of Michelin star restaurants, to the veggie aisle at our local Whole Foods, to our favorite farm-to-fork restaurants in Sacramento.

From the Nama Yuba,  to  Soy Milk, Tofu  Burgers and beyond, it’s safe to say that Min Tsai has definitely mastered the Art of Tofu.

If you're not a fan of tofu, we challenge you to the Hodo Soy test and see how you feel after sampling their menu.

The entirety of Hodo Soy stemmed from Minh living as an adult in the United States in search for delicious quality tofu he was accustomed to from his youth in Vietnam. When his quest proved to be frivolous due to nothing of the sort existing, he decided to recreate the amazing tofu he recalled from his past for his community to enjoy.A decision that lead him to pursue his passion; leaving a career in finance in 2004 and founded what would later become Hodo Soy Beanery (photos of facility above).

A decision that we're sure many can agree made us SOY HAPPY.